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So, obviously the OpenChord project is pretty much over. However, I'm starting up a new project/video game! More details on the blog.

- 27 September 2010 -

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  • Do you want to build your own V1 guitar controller?  We’re offering a kit that allows you to do just that.  The V1 Kit provides you all the parts you need to build your very own V1, so you can play Frets on Fire, Guitar Hero®, or Rock Band® with your own guitar.  You can find the instructions for building your own at the Building and Developing section, and the kit gives you almost everything you need – all you need to add is wires, solder, and a guitar!

    Like all OpenChord designs, the kit, code, and everything included are all open-source and free to modify.  The V1 is now programmable via USB, so there’s no need for any separate hardware – using free tools, you can easily download and modify the firmware, compile it, and write whatever software you’d like.

    Included in the kit:

    • 1 Preprogrammed ATMega168 chip to control everything
    • A printed circuit board to put everything on
    • 1 female USB socket
    • 1 plug for the Wii Nunchuk®
    • Plastic spacers for insulating the strings
    • Resistors, capacitors, etc.