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So, obviously the OpenChord project is pretty much over. However, I'm starting up a new project/video game! More details on the blog.

- 27 September 2010 -

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  • Here you can find out information about our older projects.  These are projects that we’re not focusing on right now, but still offer insight into how the guitar works, etc.

    These projects

    The OpenChord V0

    These instructions over on Instructables show you how to make the precursor model to our V1 guitar.  Building this guitar requires simpler circuitry, and is run off the Arduino microcontroller board.  Since all the communication and such is controlled by the electronics in a purchased guitar hero controller, this project is really all about interfacing a regular guitar with a guitar hero controller.  It even uses the strum button off the guitar controller instead of our current wired-pick solution.

    It has been replaced by the V1, which takes over the communication part as well and operates as a complete, integrated device.

    The OpenChord L-series

    The L-series is a simpler project all together

    Unlike the V0/V1, where the object is to add controller functionality to a real guitar, the L-Series adds strings to an existing guitar controller to make it  a little more like a regular guitar.

    Instructions on how to make your own L-Series guitar are here on Instructables.  The L-Series utilizes the Arduino microcontroller and a little home woodworking.

    The L-Series

    The L-Series

    Note that the L-Series, like all the controllers, is an open-source, open-hardware device. We make them, and we want you to make them. The source code is freely accessible  on Google Code.

    For more information about the OpenChord L-Series, or for general questions, please e-mail Thanks!