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So, obviously the OpenChord project is pretty much over. However, I'm starting up a new project/video game! More details on the blog.

- 27 September 2010 -

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  • 24Apr

    We’ve been working on some odds and ends, but we just wanted to share a little video showing off the versatility of the OpenChord controller kit – We reprogrammed the V1 to show up as a DualShock 3 on the PS3, and here’s Alan playing a bit of Street Fighter 4, on the guitar:

    The code for this is in the SVN, under the Guitar Fighting branch – feel free to download it and put it on your V1. In order to update the firmware, plug the V1 into a PC while holding the red/plus button – it should show up in Windows as BootloaderHID. Then grab this program here, hit “Find Device”, then choose the appropriate .hex file, then hit upload. You should be fighting in no time!

    Posted by admin @ 6:06 pm

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